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Welcome to SAIS

Here the focus is on wisdom, wonder and respect.

The excitement begins!

Every school morning, SAIS students and staff are always bustling about to greet one another and get ready for another day of fun and productivity!

A science-oriented morning at Yanjae River....

....involving bug nets, waterproof wear, thermometers and a whole lot of fun! .

A view of the school yard...

SAIS offers a small but safe, fun and nature-loving opportunity for outdoor play and rest.

What is the acronym, SAIS?

SAIS stands for Seoul Academy International School but it means much more. SAIS is all about cultivating a community of learners that are intellectual, well-cared for and deeply motivated to affect their world. ,

Volunteer Time!

These students took clean-up time to the extreme during their volunteer service at Babfor Project Ways, a project oriented towards helping the hungry.


Our SAIS students are highly dedicated to their studies and to their school life. Our various forms of guidance, assessment and encouragement all play important roles in helping our students to realize the great value ing having such 'school drive'.

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Welcome to Our School!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Seoul Academy International School (SAIS).

We are a family-oriented and learner-centered educational organization. We believe that each child is unique, and all children can learn. The success of our students comes as the result of individual care through the cooperative effort of home, community, and school, all sharing responsibility.

Here at SAIS, students, teachers and other members all come to know each other well. This contributes to a more relaxing and safe atmosphere in which students know they are well-cared for, respected and loved.

Using wisdom, wonder, and respect as our guiding principles, we ensure our students are fostered physically, socially, emotionally, mentally and creatively, helping them to become responsible citizens in a democratic society within a global environment.

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